the second month

I continue on my mission to make the most of the new year.  I’m still employed, thank Gaia, and seem to make ends meet somehow.  One thing that makes this possible is the network of food banks in Seattle.  You have no idea how grateful I am for these.  I finally seem to have overcome the lion’s share of guilt that first arose from patronizing the food bank.  While my body seems to place more and more cryptic, if not stringent, demands upon my diet, I do at least have some bulk of food to feed it.

Also, it seems I’ve succeeded in digesting my first* relationship of the year.  Hopefully, there is more to the denouement than I can tell right now, but the romantical part of it appears to be over.  It was at once very promising and bright, like had been my relationships with G—- and J—-, and yet also taxing on several points for me.  It’s frustrating such good and such ick should surface together… I do hope to salvage a friendship from this ordeal, but that is currently out of my hands.

<sigh />

I’m slowly chipping away work on my website.  Tonight, I put in a couple hours styling my blog; the fruits of which you see before you.  I had some business cards printed recently, though I am not sure how I’ll ever unload all 250 of them into the Seattle metropolitan area.

I’d like to think I’m beginning a job search for something more sustainable, should Blunt Woodworks meet an untimely end.  Even if it survives the recession, and my job with it, I’d like to take on (more) clients for design work.  I seem to be rather adamant about learning design tools and processes through real life experience rather than school, though the latter would almost seem easier.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I shall try to cobble together a custom valentine campaign, piggybacking on the success of last year’s Heartstring Valentines.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can make something lovely for your valentine.  Getting custom work is a dream for me, and feasibly so is what I make for my clients!

Ideally, I’ll be able to make some changes to better my living situation, my employment, my care and schooling for my son, and my finances in the near future.  I have continued to have low moments almost as bad as a year ago, but they are not without bottom or end.

I often feel overwhelmed by all of the hurdles I’ve had to overcome (and continue to tackle) but I suppose I cannot dwell on that too long.  Holding space for all of my emotions and my path as I experience it, while rewarding, is a skill I am still learning.

I am eager to fly someday, provided I can.

*I do not actually intend to have many.


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