ignite the midnight petroleum

Today was a good day.  It was warm and sunny; so warm, in fact, that I was able to sunbathe in my skivvies for a spell.  Because I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I woke up on time this morning.  The sun was filtering through the curtains; I had time to dress at a leisurely pace.  Jasper awoke and asked if I had his clothes ready for him yet.  He fussed when he learned today was a school day, but was later conciliatory by the time I finished putting on his shoes.

After dropping him off, on the drive to work, I noticed that the DTE [distance to empty] meter on my car was at zero.  I deliberated over stopping for gas before work or later when I left for my appointment in Pioneer Square.  At work, the internet was down thanks to some shoddy digging in the road near our building.  I nevertheless completed the sign designs I’d gotten underway yesterday.  Then it was resolved I’d work from home the second half of the day.

Therapy went well.  It’s hard to be able to say more than that.  It’s only by slow and constant dripping that stalactites and stalagmites shift and form; no one drop seems to amount to very much on its own.  Afterward, I rushed back to the where Wendy was under the viaduct, happy to see that we’d incurred no fines for four extra minutes of unpaid stationnement.

On the way home, I finally stopped for gas.  I turned a new page in my gas book, which means I need to draw new chart lines and it’s time to calculate mileage from the last page.  I’m quietly and fervently proud of my gas book.  Nearly every single drop of gas put in Wendy has been documented since she first came into our family’s possession.

My typical parking space was taken; I shook my head at how easily this bothered me.  The back yard was glorious.  I sat in my car for a couple minutes, then acquiesced to the sunny grass, taking off shoes and socks.  I started with uttanasana [forward bend] and then spent a good thirty minutes [likely more] practicing yoga.  It was very satisfying, if not stiff at first.  Then I lay down in the grass.  Then I stripped down to my bra and panties.  The sun was so very yummy.

Priya acceded to my request to stay a while and lie down on the lawn.  Later, I finished microwave-baking my potato in her microwave and at it with lots of butter.  I driveled over MyTown for longer than I care to admit.  Then I hitched up the trail-a-bike to mine and set out to fetch Jasper.

Directly from school, we went to the library.  There, we saw Iris, Hazel, and their dad, Brendan.  It had been quite a while since we’d last seen them.  We returned our books and videos together.  I did some research online and printed out some useful materials.  More DVDs, saw Iris and Hazel’s mom, Juanita, and then road home.

The evening was shifty, but good.

I watched Fay Grim with my friend Allan.  I recommend watching it… and seem to have little more to say on that.

Tomorrow, I fear, I have much work to catch on, especially, as the ready might note, I did not in fact work once I returned home.  I’m saving it for tomorrow which is forecast to be rather dreary.

For now, this is all.


One Response to ignite the midnight petroleum

  1. Aaron says:

    You blog like you’re narrating your life as a novel. Nifty. 🙂

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