10 ways that rice cakes are better than bread

bowl of rice grains1. Shelf life
Unless you’re a snob for fresh and crispy rice cakes, you’ll agree they have a much longer shelf life than bread—excluding nuclear-holocaust-proof white bread.  Rice cakes don’t get moldy or dry out like bread does.  If you are a snob, and snub rice cakes that are a tiny bit chewy, life must be hard for you because I’m pretty sure they’re all stale.

2. Ingredients
Rice cakes typically have fewer, which makes them superior to bread.  ‘Nuff said.

3. No wheat
They’re also almost never made of wheat.  This is good.

4. Toasting
If you switch from—pfft—bread to rice cakes, you might as well put your toaster on the curb.  Rice cakes save you the hassle of toasting and skip to the good part.

5. Carbon footprint
So, if you aren’t using a toaster, you’re going to be using less electricity.  This means that by switching from toasted bread to rice cakes, you’re taking the equivalent of, like, what, a hundred cars off the road for every serving!

6. Exercise
It takes a considerable effort to chew and swallow rice cakes.  They promote strong jaws that are healthy and toned!  Rice cakes also encourage plenty of liquid intake.  Does your bread do that?  I didn’t think so.

7. Calorie count
Not only do rice cakes burn more calories during mastication than bread, they also contain fewer calories to begin with!  Rice cakes win again!

8. Multi-tasking
Rice cakes contain more air than bread per suggested serving.  Eating rice cakes, you’re practically eating and breathing at the same time!

9. Oxygen
Since rice cakes contain lots of air, rich with life-giving oxygen, they do a better job oxygenating the blood than more dense foods (like bread).

10. Friend filter
If your purported “friends” catch you eating rice cakes, you’ll soon know which are here to stay or were just sticking around for your wheat-y crumbs.  Rice cakes aren’t hip; it takes real friends to keep loving you even if you’re a “ricer”.  You might even meet other “ricers” who’ve made the same step toward bread freedom.  Welcome to a golden era in your social life!


5 Responses to 10 ways that rice cakes are better than bread

  1. Aaron says:

    “ricers”? That’s a new one to me.

  2. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself
    or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks

  3. I’m officially a ricer!!!

  4. MsBoopable says:

    Great article. Made me chuckle as I ate my rice cake salad “sandwich” for lunch.

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