makeup? yes, makeup.

This all started a couple days ago when my son got into a tube of my lipstick.  I had to give him props as he quite successfully destroyed it.  Most of it ended up jammed into the far end of the cap, with a good percentage smeared across his face, more than covering his lips.  It was an old tube of Prestige Classic Lipstick in Heartbreak, which is a bright red.  I don’t remember where I bought it.

Anyhow, it reminded me of how much I like to wear red lipstick, and that I would like to do so more often.  I suppose my motto with lipstick is kind of “all or nothing”.  I’m either going to wear nothing (or something that is barely noticeable) or I’m gonna go with a full-throttle red.  Typically, I go with nothing, or maybe a daub of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in either Rhubarb or Cocoa.

A little less than a month ago, my friend Charlotte invited me to her place for a MaryKay party that her friend was hosting.  It’s been years since I was part of a church family, so such invitations are very rare these days.  My son was along for the ride and he mostly made mischief and played with Charlotte’s daughter.  He also tried on some mascara; so did I.  I hadn’t worn mascara since a brief stint in high school; this time I found it to be quite stunning.  It was also frustrating, however, because of how it made all the otherwise thick and evenly-spaced lashes stick together.  Boo.

In one of those “I’m a grown-up, aren’t I?!” moments, I resolved to buy myself a tube of mascara, though not from the MaryKay catalog.  I went late one night to the Safeway across the street and labored far too long over which variety I’d buy.  I wasn’t even at a full drugstore, but it seems there are an inordinate number of choices on the mascara market.  The choices revolve around color (several kinds of black and brown), brush shape, waterproof or not, and what kind of false promise you’d like to buy into: volume, length, volume and length, etc.  As with anything, there is the full spectrum of packaging and pricing to contend with, too.

I found I just couldn’t go with the classic pink and green Maybelline tube, for some reason.  There are now these sexy new silicon mascara wands, which come in exciting colors, and I was plain seduced.  I think I chose “definition + length” as my false-promise-slash-mascara-objectives.  I finally decided upon Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara in non-waterproof Brownish Black.  It cost more money that I would like to admit, though it was certainly not priciest one available.

Aside:  Makeup, why are you so freaking expensive?!  I realize I could just lower myself back to the Wet’n’Wild echelon, where products range between a mere one and three dollars apiece, but I think I’m finally above smearing tinted castor oil all over my face.

My review? I wish I’d gotten the classic brush-style wand.  I don’t know if it would’ve been better, but it would’ve cost less and not wiggled about so much.  Maybe it wouldn’t leave specks of mascara on my lashes either.  So instead of a heavy look, I only put on a little bit, which is all I really wanted in the first place… I guess.

Now that my son had defiled my main red lipstick, and my backup tube of Jane Lipkick Rich Color in Firetruck wasn’t doin’ it for me, it was time to invest in something that would.  Today, I brushed on some of the last of the Prestige lip color for the day.  I read over a couple Google findings.  I clipped a coupon for a dollar off any Rimmel makeup product.

After I picked up my son from preschool, we biked over to what I thought was a RiteAid.  It turned out to be a Walgreens.  Fine.  I located the Rimmel London display and found a two-step color that I thought would do the trick.  I asked the woman behind the cosmetics counter if she had any recommendations.  She directed me to the CoverGirl Outlast lipstick, which is well-praised in one of the articles I read.  It was, however, more expensive and the package contained less actual makeup than the Rimmel one did.  Also, none of their reds quite matched what I had in mind.  I have a pale, olive complexion and need a red that errs on the orange side, not the violet.   I was also going for something really rich and dark, toward blood- and brick-reds and away from cherry or candy apple, while still reading as “red”.  So, after much ado, I chose the Rimmel Kiss & Stay Lip Gloss in Cherry Blossom.

I also wanted to get a good lip liner, to help prevent feathering, which is both common and criminal for red lip color.  I didn’t know if I wanted a brick red or a nude.  I asked the cosmetics attendant for a brand suggestion and she pointed me to a Revlon liner that was also more than I wanted to spend.  The L’Oreal Colour Riche lip liners were on sale for $5 a pop, and I opted for one in [look away] Eternal Mauve.  Just FYI for the ninny who named it: It’s not mauve.  It’s more like “antique rose” or, hell, “salmon contusion”.  Someday, I will get paid to name colors…

My review?  Fantastic!!  Others might complain about dryness of the pigment step of the Rimmel lip color, but I love how secure it is!  The lip liner I put on first was almost unnecessary.  Add a juicy coat of clear gloss from the other end of the tube, and it’s just brilliant!  The red is the absolute perfect shade for me, and I’m really happy with it.  It’s dark enough that it contrasts rather than highlights the spots and imperfections on my face.

Of course the gloss rubs off but, outside of hardcore eating sessions, the color stays put.  I ate a bulky chicken burger for dinner and, while a good deal of it came off on my food, I needed only a very tame touch-up afterward.

About the lip liner, I must say that the color choice was a good call.  It matches the natural blush of my lips well, so I’ll also be able to use it by itself and under the more natural, subtle lipsticks that I have.  I was careful to choose a liner that is not a wood pencil, but the plastic, twist-up kind.  This one has the extra bonus of a tiny sharpener built-in in the end to bring the tip to a clean point.  With such a mellow color, this isn’t a big deal, but good to know if I ever want to get a dark red, like I had originally intended.

So, yeah… makeup!


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