a brief update

It seems that many months have passed since my last post. I can’t say that so much has happened since then, at least not externally. I’ve spent some time drawing in, trying not to emotionally over-extend myself. This has and has not been a success. I seem to be only so immune to loneliness, which is to say nothing of the incurable existential loneliness I have even in others’ company.

I am preparing for a cozy holiday craft sale in a little over a week. I’ll have for sale many of my plush creations and hopefully some other thoughtful surprises in paper and cloth.

I shall drag my feet through this holiday season, it appears. I have so little enthusiasm for decorating, cooking, celebrating, and yet an aching, pressing need for cheer and significance. Tonight, I put invitations on neighbors’ doors to participate in a building-wide Secret Santa gift exchange.

2010 will be drawing to a close soon and I wish I had more to show for it, and not just in terms of blog entries.

My heart is tangled and petulant. Would that I could soothe it and bring it some lightness.


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