foment momentum

fomentmomentum-oldchandelierToday, I started the arduous process of moving house. With the assistance of two dear friends, I moved a notable percentage of my household to the new apartment. We disassembled, moved, and reassembled a loft bed and a metal shelving unit. I reassembled the heavy-as-fuck EXPEDIT shelving unit by myself, which was unwise. Really, it was the lifting it up afterward that was so foolhardy; I had fun putting it together.

Ideally, I would’ve spent the remainder of my day preparing for tomorrow’s scheduled moving. I have two or three persons promised to assist. If not isolating what to move or parceling the particulate, then at least making some potato salad for people to munch on when/if hungry. I did not do any of the above, however, and I think I should go to bed soon. Maybe I can prep some ice tea. Hmm… What is tomorrow’s forecast? It’s not as warm and sunny as today has been.

Though I was unable to reach them for the longest time, I finally got hold of my mom and Jasper. In the past, I’ve been so burnt out that I didn’t miss him until maybe the last couple days of his annual visit with my mom… but I miss him now. I missed him when I got up this morning. I missed him as I watched them go through the security checkpoint last night.


I have so much work to do over the next week or two, what with moving and sifting through all my shit. This shit is both material and in my head, and it is pretty much all cumbersome and dusty and excessive. I’m really dragging my heels on this. It did, however, feel nice to anchor the living/dining room with the dining table and large shelving unit. I’m trying to cultivate this tiny zygote of enjoyment, but I dunno…

On a lighter note, I’m trying to pick an internet service provider (that is courteous, reliable, inexpensive).

I hope it’s quiet at night there. I’m not yet ready to sleep at the new place.


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